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Remember that time you loved reality and had a real life? Neither do I.

19 December
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I love books like a fat kid love cake.
1984, 30 rock, a clockwork orange, a wrinkle in time, abba, adele, alan rickman, alcohol, alexandre desplat, animal collective, anime, asoiaf, backstreet boys, beauty and the beast, bill nighy, book critique, book discussion, book lists, book reccomendations, book reviews, boston legal, brave new world, breaking bad, britney spears, buffy, classical music, david bowie, def leppard, disney, fantasy, farenheit 451, fiction, florence and the machine, foo fighters, franz ferdinand, frou frou, gattaca, getbackers, goodreads, gossip, gqmfs, harry potter, historical, horror, inheritance, instrumental music, iruka, james mallory, james morrison, james spader, john williams, kaka, keane, kylie minogue, lana del rey, lilo & stitch, lord of the rings, macy gray, madonna, malcolm mcdowell, marsmobil, martin phipps, max richter, mercedes lackey, michael nyman, misfits, monsters inc, music, mutemath, never let me go, news, nicholas hooper, nicki minaj, nine inch nails, no doubt, obsidian trilogy, once upon a time, paloma faith, pan's labyrinth, pato, patrick doyle, persuasion, pet shop boys, pride & prejudice, pulp fiction, pushing daisies, ralph fiennes, reading, red dragon, requiem for a dream, reservoir dogs, revenge, ringer, rob gronkowski, se7en, shakespeare, sharks, snowglobes, sociology, spartacus, spice girls, still crazy, strange fruit, tchaikovsky, the beatles, the breakfast club, the fall, the fountain, the hobbit, the nightmare before christmas, the patriots, the thief lord, the vampire diaries, tom brady, top gun, trent reznor, true blood, tv on the radio, tv/films, variety, virgin suicides, winnie the pooh, writing