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Remember that time you loved reality and had a real life? Neither do I.
But why haven't I given Percy Jackson a 5 star rating?  

I haven't finished the series yet. I'm halfway through The Battle of the Labyrinth (book 4), and I realized what's missing. One of the biggest problems I have with this series is that Percy's perspective doesn't change. He's getting older in the series and the transition from pre-teen to teen is huge. But I feel like his thoughts and his way of thinking about things is stagnant. Yes, he relies on his old experiences and instincts when confronting new problems. He doesn't really have teenage boy problems though. I feel like even though this is a series targeted for a younger audience, there should still be some mention of Percy trying to achieve maturity. The action and adventure overwhelms any mention of Percy growing as a character and a personality.

There are hints when it comes to his relationship with Annabeth, but it's kind of pushed aside and never confronted. Maybe everything that I'm complaining about goes down in the last book... but I don't think this series had to wait so long for it to happen if that's the case. C'mon now. Percy is jealous of Luke and Annabeth's obsession with Luke, so would it really hurt to spend two pages talking about Percy's feels? I want to read about his feels that reflect my feels about his feels.

And can we talk about how fucking cute Clarisse is? Omh she's like the third grade bully that pulls your hair, but turns out to be a marshmallow.

(can we also talk about how hot I am for Apollo and Luke?)

Of course someone is going to disagree with me on this, but I just wanted to share my thoughts.
04 21 13 (UTC)
04 21 13 (UTC)

Clarisse deserves it all. Omh, I was so heartbroken during the Carisse/Chris scene. :( SOBBING MY FEELS.
04 21 13 (UTC)
She gets even better in Last Olympian imo.
I loved that Rick ended up giving her a personality besides being ~~Ares's daughter~
04 21 13 (UTC)
Me too. I just wish there were more moments like that in the books. Like I feel that the characters don't have enough emotional scenes despite all the crap they go through. It's kind of the downfall and sacrifice made for all the humour and action. /: But it didn't have to be that way.
04 21 13 (UTC)
I get what you mean... It doesnt bother me, but i get it.
Personally I kind of subconsciously fill those blanks, I guess lol
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