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Remember that time you loved reality and had a real life? Neither do I.
Do you read when you're sick? What do you read when you're sick?  

What I want to be:

What I really am:

03 19 13 (UTC)
Anything from childhood if I want my mommy, or can't focus on ~big words (Berenstain Bears, Fear Street, etc.) Or Dracula.
03 19 13 (UTC)
Fear Street! I don't think I can handle Dracula right now. I'd probably start crying and my face would swell up even more than it already has. I love the Berenstein Bears but I don't have either those books or Fear Street in hardcopy unfortunately :(.

Even though I'm sick I feel like I need alcohol and the Hardy Boys tbh. x:
03 19 13 (UTC)
I'm pretty sure there are dl's of Berenstain Bears around online. I may have accidentally just found a few. Fear Streets are harder to come by though. Which is both surprising and disappointing.
03 19 13 (UTC)
Ikrrrr. I just don't want to read them on my ereader or my computer because it's not as fun. I'm going to see if I can get a ride to the library so I can get the Fear Street books and some movies too. And maybe some soup since all our food is really hard and inedible.
03 20 13 (UTC)
I can't read when I'm sick :( Makes me head hurt, for some reason haha
03 20 13 (UTC)
I tried, but then I sneezed all over my book and there was nastiness everywhere. ]: But it was nice and peaceful to read.
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